Wooden Toys

 Wooden toys are one of the most beautiful, high-quality gifts you can give a parent and their child. The elegant design is interlaced with untold opportunities for creative, entertaining and engagement play that is not reliant on plastic or batteries. There is a certain old-school charm that envelopes the play and gift experience that surrounds wooden toys. Australia, and the rest of the world, can enjoy these sweet, simple yet sophisticated products crafted with the finest materials and the upmost care.

Handmade Wooden Toys Have Educational Benefit

The divine wooden toys below are created with children in mind. They are practical enough for every day use, stylish enough to complement any nursery or play room and beautiful enough to make the perfect gift. Dolls Prams (complete with inserts) and tea sets encourage imaginative relationship play while the rocket ships and helicopters let little minds blast off with wonder and delight. Stackers and skittles promote hand-eye coordination and cause and effect experimentation in little ones. Classic items like building blocks, trains and pull-alongs evoke the simplicity of yester-year in a world filled with disposable parts and noise. The handmade wooden toys at Sweet Little Dreams speak of a stylish yet spontaneous way of playing that not only looks beautiful but promises untold educational opportunities for children.

Concerned about wooden toy storage? View the range of beautiful baskets from Sweet Little Dreams.

Quality Wooden Toys in Australia with shipping world-wide!

The wooden toys at Sweet Little Dreams are designed and delivered with the guarantee of the very best in customer service. These items delight parents and provide the perfect gift for any occasion – from baby shower to ‘I’ve been thinking of you’. Sweet Little Dreams provides Afterpay which makes these high-quality toys and products affordable for everyone.

View the range of Sweet Little Dreams’ wooden toys below.