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Miniland Dollsare a fabulous new toy now available in Australia that makes play both educational and fun. Traditionally, most dolls were only available in a European or Caucasian-type appearance. Now with Miniland’s racially diverse range of dolls, children of all races and cultures can choose a doll they can relate to. Each doll is also anatomically correct which enables children to learn about the differences and similarities between genders and to understand the concepts of family and sexual diversity. Miniland dolls are a wonderful way of introducing children to diversity and to help them grow into adults with excellent social skills who embrace modern life in all its forms. Read on to find out more about the benefits of gifting children with Miniland dolls.


There are a range of wonderful benefits to introducing Miniland dolls to children – from developing essential social skills to refining hand-eye coordination. Read on to find out more!

Social skills

Have you ever noticed a child with a doll? They treat it gently and hold it close, as if it’s a baby. Having a doll helps them develop nurturing skills that eventually lead to feeling empathy towards others. These skills are incredibly useful in life, whether navigating the choppy waters of the school playground, or making your way in the workplace. By encouraging your children to develop empathy, you’re helping them grow into successful, well-rounded adults.

Getting your child ready for a new sibling

If you and your family are expecting your second child, this can be a confusing time for your oldest. You might be worried about how they’ll cope – will they exhibit signs of jealousy or anger or maybe even feel a bit left out? With a Miniland doll, you can introduce the idea of a new baby to your child safely. You can teach them how to properly hold the new baby, how to rock them when they cry and just how to care for them overall – all before your new addition arrives.

Anatomy and dressing

Each Miniland doll is anatomically correct, meaning they exactly resemble babies of both genders. You can teach your child about anatomy by showing them the differences and similarities between boys and girls, as well as teaching them about themselves.
The dolls also offer an opportunity to teach children about dressing. They can undress and re-dress their doll using motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills that are still in development.

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