January 22, 2019 2 min read

Recently our family had a photo session with Chantelle from Chantelle Elise Photography and I can honestly say I never seen such amazing photo’s of my kids.  I wanted to capture my children in a natural way.  But also capture the magic of childhood in a nature inspired setting.  I knew we had chosen the perfect photographer.  Chantelle was amazingly patient and she worked her magic with my kids capturing them in a playful way.  The afternoon went quickly and the kids had heaps of fun.  With the setting being our local hills, we had a perfect afternoon with a cloudy sky which set the mood for our scene.

So I chatted to Chantelle and asked her a few questions about her photography biz and how it all came about….


What inspired you to start your photography journey?

I have always loved photography.  I received my first proper camera for my 17th birthday.  Before then I was using a digital camera and just taking photos of flowers in my backyard.  I worked with children for a few years and decided to mix my experience with children and my love and dream to be a photographer together.

 What are some tips you have for families on photo shoot day?

There’s only one – have fun!  Enjoy the special moment with your little ones and I’ll run around you.

When did you start photographing kids?

Around 3 years ago however last year was my first year where I decided to make it more serious and take the leap follow my dreams.

 I encourage you to check out Chantelle’s work on her Instagram page and her website.  Her natural talent of photography is truly beautiful.  I can’t wait to hang up my photo’s!

Instragram – www.instagram.com/chantellelise_photography

Website – Chantelle Elise Photography

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