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Baby Wraps – The Science Behind The Sweetness

For millennia, parents and care-givers have used baby wraps to offer comfort and security to sleeping babes. When done safely, wrapping babies can mean a longer and more peaceful sleep for the whole family and give parents a well-needed break.
There are a number of guidelines for parents on how to safely use baby wraps. Sweet Little Dreams believes in functionality and safety above all else and implores that you follow safety recommendations to the letter.

What parents need to know about baby wraps

The following recommendations come from the Red Nose Foundation and concern the safe use of baby wraps.
• Children in baby wraps must sleep on their backs
• Wrapping babies and sleeping them on their stomachs is associated with an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
• Wraps should be tight enough to secure baby but not tight enough to prevent hip flexion or the expansion of the chest
• Baby’s head and face must not be covered
• Avoid the use of baby wraps if co-sleeping or bed sharing
• Baby wraps should cease to be used when baby begins to attempt to roll
If you have safety questions or concerns about anything to do with your child, speak to your maternal health nurse, doctor or trusted health professional.

Why do people use baby wraps?

Baby wraps are used to encourage a peaceful, settled sleep from birth. A firm wrap acts as a comfort and security to baby and may increase the gaps between waking. It can circumnavigate the ‘startle’ reflex associated with newborns and assist in keeping baby warm.
Many parents have reported improved sleep when using baby wraps – both for the newborn and for themselves!
Using a baby wrap is a straight-forward process. Spread the wrap on a safe, flat surface – preferably the floor as opposed to a soft bed. Place the baby in the centre of the wrap when it is folded into a triangle shape. Bring in the top corners to near the hips and fold them in under the child. Bring up the bottom corner and tuck it in. Simple! For further instruction, many guides can be found online or your maternal health nurse will happily show you.

The baby wrapsat Sweet Little Dreams are not only stylish but functional. They pass all of the related safety standards with flying colours and provide the perfect complement to any nursery. Peruse the range of baby wraps here.

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