July 26, 2019 2 min read

You’re thinking about nesting now your baby’s ETA is getting closer but are not sure what to do. Our newborn checklist is here to help, listing the essentials your new arrival will need. Check it out now.

You’re expecting and you’ve heard about the infamous newborn checklist. If the legends are true, it lists every baby product you’ll ever need. Well, I’m sorry to say, but it doesn’t.

I’m Laura, the owner of TIGS&BOO; a store focused on providing only organic and natural products. I’m a Mum, and like you, only want the best for my little ones. For me, that means only using baby products which are chemical free and safe to use.

Today I’d love to share with you my newborn checklist. While it can never be 100% suitable for each and every baby, what I can say is that I’ve included products that I’ve used and trust myself. They’re also commonly used baby products, so I knew they’d be great on your newborn checklist too.

 What’s on Your Newborn Checklist?

We’re all unique and there’s no such thing as one size fits all. There are, however, some baby items you will absolutely need, and I’m not talking a cot and nappies. It’s always hard to predict what’s going to happen, and as a new parent, it’s darn near impossible. I do think though that I have created a comprehensive newborn checklist:

  • Nappy rash cream – it’s going to happen at some stage. Nappy rash is painful and looks horrid. A good nappy rash cream will provide a moisture proof barrier between your baby’s skin and their nappy, allowing it to heal and prevent it from getting worse.

  • Teething gel – while it’s not something you’ll need immediately; you can never quite tell when those tricky baby teeth will appear. Having the Jack N’ Jill Natural Teething Gel ready will prove very handy. Don’t forget to get a finger toothbrush too. They are useful for cleaning those new teeth, but for also massaging sore gums.



  • Anti-itch cream – your baby may not have eczema, but at some stage, they’ll have itchy skin. My eight month old has dry skin on her cheeks from teething (thanks excess drool), and I’ve found the Weleda White Mellow Face Creamworks wonders!


  •  Insect repellent – those little biting bugs are everywhere and if you’re outside a lot with your baby, you don’t want them to feed on your little one. Be sure to choose a child-friendly insect repellent which is organic and chemical free. 


  • Breastfeeding survival kit – if you are or planning on breastfeeding, then be prepared should be your motto. Snacks, snacks and more snacks should be on your newborn checklist – for you, not baby! Then there’s the nipple cream  Moogoo Mudder Udder Balm, which was a lifesaver for me when I had mastitis. It’s also wonderful for cracked and sore nipples, and only contains edible ingredients! It’s natural so can stay on when you are feeding baby.

There are many other possible for your newborn checklist, but these five will get you well on the way to being prepared when your little one arrives! 

All the very best.

Laura xx

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