January 22, 2019 2 min read

First time parents often purchase a lot of items they don’t end up using. A baby mobile is definitely NOT one of those items. This simple yet beautifully crafted item not only helps shape the look of your child’s room but they have a surprising amount of cognitive and developmental benefits.

A baby cot mobile as the centrepiece of the nursery

A well-chosen baby mobile hanging sweetly over the bassinet or cot can really enhance the space, creating a dreamy world for your little one to slumber in. Selecting colours that go with not only your design scheme but that promote an atmosphere of peace and calm can see your baby’s room go from ‘meh’ to ‘masterpiece’.

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How Can A Cot Mobile Help Your Baby?

A baby cot mobile can provide visual stimulation and promote brain development in a young infant. Some babies (and parents) may find certain versions of them over-stimulating – particularly those that play music and have lights. Wide awake and responsive during play time in the crib is great, but when it’s time for bed – not so much! A baby cot mobile that uses colour and shape to pique interest and curiosity, however, is sure to be a hit.
The peaceful motion and movement that comes with a baby mobile may assist you in the sleep process as well. Babies love routine and patterns – if you’re ever onto a good thing, stick to it! Including a baby cot mobile in that routine might be just the solution to a (potential) problem on your horizon.

Safety Concerns With Baby Mobiles

Like anything else, we must ensure that the items we choose are appropriate for the environment. Baby mobiles should be hung in a way that is safe and practical for use. They’re safer to use than draping canopies because it’s less likely that baby will be able to reach and pull at them (at least until they’re standing, then you have a whole other set of problems!). Please ensure you follow all instructions and decorate your child’s room in such a way that it’s a safe, calm and relaxing place.

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