January 22, 2019 2 min read

Let’s reminisce. Do you remember when you were a little girl and you received your first doll? Remember the excitement you felt to have your very own baby to love and care for? It felt as though you were the only person in the world with that particular doll, she was all yours, it was love at first sight. Today, the same kind of enjoyment is brought to little girls by extra special Alimrose Dolls.
Alimrose Dolls are the most picture perfect, sweet and lovingly soft dolls around; each with their own personality carved out by the clothes they wear and the stories they’re waiting to tell. Every little girl wants one, every Instagram-worthy bedroom has one; they are the most coveted dolls around. Just check out the gorgeousness HERE!

Why everyone’s going crazy for Alimrose Dolls

Alimrose Dolls are beautiful

The Waldorf philosophy, a well-known education viewpoint, suggests that children’s toys should be beautiful because their aesthetic contributes to a sense of wellbeing or ‘sense of life’. As a proud Alimrose stockist, we love that these special dolls fit the philosophy so perfectly! With a matching floral leotard and ballet shoes and all ready to go to dance lessons in her tutu, the Alimrose Ballerina Doll is one that will be adored, appreciated and kept forever; they all have feel good powers that every little girl needs!

Alimrose Dolls are soft

With so many toys made of plastic these days, quality soft toys are often few and far between. Have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to hug a hard and rigid dolly when all you need is a really good cuddle to make you feel better? It certainly wouldn’t be a lovely and soft cuddle like that from an Alimrose Fairy Doll or the Alimrose Pom Pom Doll with her cheerful star dress. A lovely soft doll is most certainly a calming and soothing one, perfect for those nights when bad dreams strike.


Alimrose Dolls spark imagination

Imagination abounds with Alimrose Dolls. A little girl can imagine swimming around in an underwater paradise with an Alimrose Mermaid Doll, have a tea party with an Alimrose LuLu Doll or explore a world of fairies and elves with her Alimrose Gracie Baby Fairy Doll. She can even imagine braving the high seas with the Alimrose Pirate Boy Doll. Purchase your favourite Alimrose with Afterpay. Can’t choose just one Alimrose? Zippay is available, too.
Alimrose Dolls are friends for life
With the ability to soothe the senses and turn a sad face upside down, as well as the knack for bringing a joyful spark to a little girl’s room, these Alimrose dolls are not just a perfect gift idea for a new baby girl, a baby shower, or a little girl’s birthday, they’ll be a friend for life.

Browse our range of Alimrose Dolls to find your child the perfect little companion HERE.

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